metrologia industriale


Our dimensional testing service evaluates the conformity of a mechanical component to the design specifications, which can be presented in the form of a 2D technical drawing or a 3D file. We cater both for large corporations that need to evaluate incoming materials from suppliers or for managing internal materials that exceed an organisation’s testing capacity, as well as smaller companies whose clients request product verification at the same time as the product is supplied. At Unilab, the service we offer goes beyond merely supplying analysis data; we strive to assist our clients not only to understand this data, but also help them present it to the end customer. We provide this service through the use of a suite of contact, optical, laser and tomography technologies.

The broad range of technologies at our disposal makes our laboratory unique in its kind.

  • Dimensional checks, sampling, PPAP, Process capability analysis
  • Comparison with the CAD model with colour mapping of deviations
  • Profile and roughness evaluation (Ra, Rz, Rz1max, Rmax) using a profilometer and roughness tester.
  • Programming of measurement cycles for dimensional testing on a Zeiss CMM
  • Scanning of moulds or prototypes for analysing geometric deformations with respect to the CAD model
  • Dimensional inspection of large components using a measuring arm or optical scanner