Unilab is a leading laboratory in the field of industrial cleanliness for the automotive industry. The experience we’ve gained in over five years of research in the sector, supported by Italian and multinational companies, has made us specialists in this field and a leading company both for the technical laboratory aspects and for industrial considerations.

Why choose UNILAB INDUSTRIAL LABORATORIES: We’re the first testing laboratory in Italy accredited according to the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard and Accredia regulations for carrying out industrial cleanliness tests in compliance with the ISO 16232 standard (see Accreditation Details on the website ).

The experience we’ve gained has enabled us to develop our I-Clean Method: when applied periodically, this method allows a user to ensure production is carefully controlled and remains compliant with the requirements indicated in their clients’ designs.

To help our clients learn and apply the I-Clean Method we’ve set up an inter-company project, called Clean Production, which is already in its third edition. Alternatively, you can decide to request just a selection of the services that make up the method.