The tests we offer in the field of metallography and failure analysis are multidisciplinary tests that involve aspects of production, design, operating conditions and raw materials.

If you have been faced with a product failure, during the testing of components and/or production processes or – worse still – while in use, we can help you to detect the causes responsible for the failure and plan corrective actions to ensure it doesn’t happen again.
We can provide you with expert support to:

  • determine the nature of the damage
  • analyse the operating conditions
  • recommend alternative solutions
caratterizzazione e Failure analysis

If, however, you need to inspect supplied incoming materials or to check outgoing material after processing, or if you’re asked to provide a certificate for your products and processes, we can provide you with materials characterisation studies and appropriate mechanical/chemical tests that will help you to evaluate the conformity of the materials you’re using to make your components.

We can provide your quality control or design department with a reliable consultancy service that will enable you to validate the materials you’re using, and support your company in the certification of products and processes employing approved laboratory methods.