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SINFONET – The Smart & Innovative Foundry Network – is one of the first so-called Regional Innovation Networks. Officially recognised by the Veneto Regional Council on 22nd June 2016, it serves to promote the interests of the foundry sector across the Veneto region with a strong focus on Smart manufacturing.

Regional Innovation Networks serve to foster contacts between companies and public and private entities and operate both within and across regional boundaries which are not necessarily contiguous. They bring together innovative areas of any sector with the aim of developing initiatives and projects relevant to the regional economy, not necessarily limited to one particular production field, but with a strong focus on a multi-sectoral approach. Regional Innovative Networks are characterised by the following elements:

  • A broad presence across a region (but which can also go beyond regional and national borders, and thus a core element is the fostering of relationships);
  • New or innovative entrepreneurship;
  • New or innovative sectors.

The SINFONET Network, which our laboratory is also a member of, is made up of about 45 partners (including 14 major companies) with over 4,500 employees and a turnover of over 1.5 billion euros, and two departments of the University of Padua (Department of Management and Engineering, Department of Information Engineering).
The foundry process is based on traditional metallurgy, but over time it’s introduced advanced engineering calculation techniques, innovative systems for the automation of model making, handling and casting/injection of liquid alloys, mechanical processing on raw castings. and intelligent systems for real-time process monitoring.
This therefore represents a traditional sector that’s successfully achieved profound process innovation thanks to the contribution of the latest advances in technologies.

– to build the “intelligent foundry of the future”, in which innovation and integration can foster training, employment opportunities, and enhanced competitiveness;
– to set up a Centre of Excellence in the Veneto region which brings together all players across the entire supply chain: foundries, producers of raw materials and consumables, engineering suppliers, services, technology, equipment, research and innovation entities, and end-users.


The SINFONET Regional Innovative Network aims to carry out and coordinate initiatives aimed at Foundries working with ferrous (cast iron, steel) and non-ferrous (light alloys) alloys, in the following areas:
1) research, development, innovation and technology transfer (new materials and processes, control systems, product and process standards, process/product design);
2) training and qualifications for human resources;
3) fostering international business development and new markets;
4) improving energy and environmental efficiency.

Projects presented and funded as Lead Partner:
The “INFOS INternationalisation of Veneto FOundry by networked Strategies” PROJECT
Agreed budget 151,400.00 Euros

The “High Performance Cast Iron and Aluminium Alloys for Innovative Components (GAP)” PROJECT
Agreed budget 2,452,581.43 Euros

The “Robotic foundry for workers’ health (FORSAL) PROJECT”
Project duration from 07/11/2017 to 30/04/2020
Agreed budget 2,030,200.00 Euros

Projects participated in as a Partner:
The “Advanced systems for waste recovery (SARR)” PROJECT
Agreed budget 4,588,893.00 Euros
Project duration from 07/11/2017 to 31/10/2020

The “PreMANI – Predictive Manufacturing: design, development and implementation of Digital Manufacturing solutions for the prediction of Quality and Intelligent Maintenance” PROJECT
Agreed budget 5,396,160.33 Euros
Project duration from 07/11/2017 to 06/11/2020