UNILAB is a centre of excellence that can help your company compete in today’s global market. Our innovative equipment, technical skills and innate analytical approach to problem solving makes UNILAB a truly unique technical organisation – a trusted partner which is always on hand to help you develop new ideas, new products and new industrial processes.

Whether it be product, process or management, for today’s company, innovating means seeking a new competitive edge which is both far reaching and sustainable. This process is best summarised as phases in a “virtuous cycle of innovation, which starts and ends in the company”. Namely, identifying needs, the creative and technological development of the product idea, testing and verification of regulatory compatibility, production and release to market. A company tackles the phases in this cycle by harnessing both internal and external resources. SMEs have fewer resources available to dedicate to innovation, meaning they have to rely more frequently on external partners. UNILAB is specifically geared towards providing support services to such companies to help them tackle the phases outlined.