There is a growing demand for specifications regarding the resistance of products to corrosive agents, in particular in specifications in such industries as automotive, naval, white goods sector, and precision mechanics: companies involved in these industries need to perform tests that can guarantee the performance of the components, both in the prototyping phase and throughout the lifetime of the product.

In our laboratories, we can take metal samples, with or without coatings, and conduct corrosion comparison tests (accelerated aging tests) in order to obtain information on corrosion resistance.

Through internationally recognised corrosion tests, we check the aging of products and materials and the results allow us to highlight the differences that different materials, processes, treatments and coatings (metallic or organic) have on the development of corrosion on the surface of the tested products.

prove di invecchiamento accelerato

Our laboratory provides your quality control team with the tools and information necessary for product development, with a simulation of a highly corrosive environment and a corrosion resistance assessment.

By evaluating the quality of coatings and their resistance to corrosion you’ll get answers to questions concerning the raw materials to be used and the finished products which will ultimately lead to product improvements.

Our analyses will allow you to monitor processes in galvanic or painting systems, components that require high levels of corrosion resistance, or the resistance of the products to harsh operating environments.

We can investigate the effects of aging on your products, including

  • Galvanised sheets
  • Anodised aluminium housings
  • Brazed heat exchangers
  • Phosphate-coated screws
  • Stainless steel springs
  • Painted pump bodies
  • Oil & Gas Piping
  • Wheels with cataphoretic coatings
  • Attachment systems for prosthetics