A network of contacts


Through our activities, we aim to enable you to think of innovation as a tool to give your company a competitive edge: we aim to provide you with the information that will let embark upon funded projects and programs that will ultimately equip you with innovative knowledge to enable you to compete by developing new products and related production processes.


These activities take the form of expert guidance to assist you in the preparation of public funding applications and technological support throughout the development of your innovation project.

This assistance is made possible thanks to Unilab Laboratori Industriali’s extensive network of contacts that we’ve been able to build up over the years.

The activities we offer are therefore the culmination of a network of competences and experience that we can bring to bear once your specific technological requirement has been identified.

This network of contacts includes:

Universities and Departments, by means of direct relationships with lecturers and researchers

  • University Mechanical Engineering Departments throughout Italy
  • DAUR – Design and Engineering Methods Laboratories (Padua)
  • Department of Materials Physics (Padua)

National and European research centres, both public and private

  • FIAT Research Centre (Turin)
  • Trieste Area Science Park (Trieste)
  • Venice Research Consortium (Venice)
  • Ethics Consortium (Padua)
  • Venezia Tecnologie (Venice)
  • National Research Council (Padua)

 Private laboratories

  • Laboratories dealing with the characterisation of metals
  • Laboratories dealing with the characterisation of plastics
  • ACCREDIA Centres responsible for calibrating primary standards

   Highly qualified professionals

  • Technologists
  • Metrologists
  • Corporate finance consultants