taratura strumenti ACCREDIA

Calibration of measuring instruments

Instrument calibration: an innovative method

We have a long, well-established track record in the measuring instrument calibration services we offer– and it goes without saying we have a team of staff with impeccable expertise and first-rate equipment. Our true competitiveness lies in our being able to provide you with a range of targeted solutions to meet your specific technical needs.

For this reason, in Unilab we’ve developed a structured range of services, divided into 5 tailor-made proposals ranging from minimum cost to complete service.

The minimum cost service is designed for those companies that wish to collaborate closely with the laboratory, to ensure the level of service meets minimum requirements, but at the same time, will manage all the preparation activities necessary for calibration themselves.

Our full cost service is specially designed for companies wishing to outsource the management of all the technical aspects relating to the calibration of the instrument, thus guaranteeing the total efficiency of their instrument pool without having to rely on in-house resources.

Between these two extremes, numerous other potential service agreements are possible.

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