At Unilab Laboratori Industriali, we pay close attention to the diverse needs of our clients. To this end, we offer an extensive selection of specialist Training Courses.
This unique service provides companies with an outstanding opportunity to grow their competences, acquire knowledge and increase their competitiveness, by equipping their staff with emerging skills required by the market.

At Unilab, we can help you define tailored training by selecting the most appropriate courses aimed at providing complete training for the diverse technical team members within your company. The goal is to kick off a process of updating technical skills in your company with the aim of streamlining communication between your technical and production departments, from initial design phase right through to final testing.

The courses can be organised in the form of workshops directly within laboratory facilities, or in the form of hands-on technical training.
This latter approach allows you to request customisation of practical course components to ensure they’re geared towards your specific product requirements (design, materials, components, tests to be conducted).

In addition to our annual programme, at Unilab Laboratori Industriali, we also offer the possibility of organising courses and technical training days on site at your premises.
Courses that can be held on-site are all those listed in our annual training , which can be tailored where necessary to suit your specific business needs, and can be requested through the contact form.

Training plan


The training courses are structured with an annual schedule, carried out online and with the additional possibility of providing the specific course at the customer’s headquarter