How to conduct a cleanliness inspection in the laboratory?

The real questions are:

  • Am I adequately equipped to perform a laboratory cleanliness inspection that meets the requirements of ISO 16232:2018?
  • Do I know the test procedures?
  • Is my operator properly trained?
  • Are there any recognised protocols?
  • Is the test being performed in your company reliable?

When the answer to one or more of these questions is “no”, then it’s best to rely on an external partner in order to ensure the necessary level of trust on the part of operators in the reliability of their services.
Unilab offers a suite of training courses, starting from the basic topics, passing through the technical and practical issues, right up to more advanced courses which deal with aspects of design. These equip our clients with the knowledge necessary to communicate correctly with the customers and suppliers involved in the cleanliness chain.
Our Clean Production Project, which we held for the fourth time in 2019, is aimed at sharing inspection methodologies with other companies that might have the same doubts as you.
The project includes training sessions, laboratory analysis, evaluation of company equipment and apparatus and an inter-laboratory comparison developed to allow you to evaluate the reliability your own in-house measurements.
Find out on the Unilab website how to participate in the project.