The Clean Production Project

The Clean Production Project is a way to understand and implement the I-Clean Method.

This is an inter-company Research and Innovation Project lasting one year, structured in 4 phases: training, consulting, testing and coaching.

The project – developed and promoted by UNILAB – represents the first national initiative of study activities on the topic of component cleaning. Launched in February 2016 it has a single and clear goalto exchange experiences and acquire skills regarding the cleaning of components by collaborating with Unilab and the companies involved.

Participation in the project allows you to fully apply the I-Clean Method to your production process and to test its effectiveness on the finished product.

Participating companies were able to report their activities on their balance sheet and thus take advantage of benefits under the Italian Government’s Tax Credit Scheme, and so partially recover incurred costs (up to 50%), by virtue of the innovative nature of the project and the results achieved.

progetto clean production

Edizione 2017

progetto clean production

Edizione 2018

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