Profile and roughness evaluation (Ra, Rz, Rz1max, Rmax) using a profilometer and roughness tester

If your measuring requirements are “in depth” analysis of surface details, we can provide this using both contact and optical instruments. We can carry out measurements of profiles, chamfers, joints, and roughness parameters such as Ra, Rz, Rz1max, and Rmax using our suite of profilometers, roughness testers, profile projectors right up to the very best Zeiss microscopes on the market.

As in other aspects of our work, what distinguishes our approach is our ability to handle specific needs in order to help you understand your requirements. Indeed, oftentimes, a rather simple and basic design specification can hide rather complex industrial problems, especially regarding the analysis of surface texture parameters (roughness).

In this field in particular we offer extensive training courses from basic right through to advanced.

Consult our section dedicated to courses or contact us directly.