Dimensional checks, sampling, ppap, process capability analysis

Whatever support you need, from the simple verification of design dimensions, to the drafting of a complete PPAP or to a statistical analysis of the Cp & Cpk parameters, our laboratory can handle it, with our state-of-the-art equipment and team of expert staff.
Thanks to the experience we’ve gained in over twenty years in business, our services go well beyond simply preparing reports; often, the effective partnerships we establish with our clients allow us to assist them also in the correct interpretation of the requirements presented in the design, which are becoming ever more complex and structured, with the aim of guaranteeing Quality Assurance in Metrology (AQM).

RPS, Best Fit, location tolerance, surface profiles, maximum material conditions, envelope requirements; for some, these are simple requirements, for others, such concepts can be difficult to interpret.

Over time, our expert support will ensure your business always stay “perfectly calibrated”.
The suite of equipment we have for carrying out this service includes:

  • Zeiss scanning measuring machines with fixed and rotating head,
  • Structured light scanner,
  • Anthropomorphic measuring arms,
  • Profilometers and Roundness meters,
  • classic bench instrumentation.

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