Coordinator: UNILAB Laboratori Industriali s.r.l.
Partners: Dayco Europe srl, Comatrol – part of the Danfoss Power Solutions group, Precision Spring Europa
Primary objective: To develop advanced strategies for the application of “CLEAN” methodologies in companies
Beneficiaries: all participants and their direct customers
Possible financial support: Legislative Decree on Tax credits for Business networks
Project development and partners involved: March 2018 – March 2019


The third edition of the Clean Production project has also started, and has been further enhanced with respect to 2017 with the addition of new technical and experimental content linked to the theme of Industrial Cleanliness.


The kick-off meeting was held in April 2018, and this will be followed by a ‘two day’ session dedicated to basic technical training, the second of the project’s four phases. This will be followed by the other collaborative activities involving technical analysis, the conducting of laboratory tests and subsequent comparison of test results with other laboratories.


This year participating companies will be able to apply the analysis criteria required by ISO 16232 to the products and production processes with an ISO 17025 accredited methodology, since Unilab Srl was recently recognised as the 1st Italian accredited laboratory, No. LAB 1634 for cleanliness tests in accordance with the UNI EN 16232 standard, for micrographic examinations and for Vickers HV10 hardness tests.


Similar to the previous event, the 2018 edition involves the participation of the following partner companies:

  • Dayco Europe srl: world leader in research, design, production and distribution of essential engine components, drive systems and services for cars, trucks, and construction, agricultural and industrial machinery
  • Comatrol – a member of the Danfoss Power Solutions group: manufacturer of hydraulic cartridge valves and hydraulic integrated circuits (HIC) for vehicles, industrial plant, on-highway and energy systems where hydraulic power is required
  • Precision Spring Europa Spa: a company that specialises in the development and production of custom-made snap and retaining rings, bent components, sheared components and die springs for the Automotive, household appliances and moulding equipment sectors

Participation in the next edition will aim to further increase technological knowledge, provide the latest news about regulatory issues, and provide a forum for companies tackling the same issues to exchange information, given that:

  • We are the first laboratory in Italy to achieve accreditation according to ISO EN 17025 for the execution of Industrial Cleanliness tests in accordance with ISO 16232, the reference standards within the sector.
  • We have a vast database of field tests, both product and environmental, and participants can study these to evaluate their own “status” of cleanliness by comparing them to average values recorded in different production facilities
  • We offer an improvement in the efficiency of the production system, training and refresher courses for the personnel involved, and increased company quality standards and competitiveness
  • The training activity may include updates to both ISO and VDA standards, which were expected in 2017

For those interested in the subject and who would like to have detailed information on the 2018 edition, you can call us at 0429/781280, fill out the CONTACTS form or send an email to commerciale@unilab.it.